My name is Cher Brasok.  Many years ago, stress made me sick ... really sick.  I was having difficulties managing the busyness of work, family, life and "my crash" was my wake up call to take my health

(mental & physical) more seriously. My usual go - tos of "think positively" and "get some exercise" just wasn't enough .... I needed more so I started to learn new, easy and effective practices that could

help me better cope when feeling overwhelmed, worried or stressed out.


Over the years, I have been sharing this information with friends and family. Then one day, my daughter

came home from school and said, "Mom, you know that stress stuff you teach us?  You should be teaching it in schools!". The Connect to your Calm workshop is the result of her inspiration coupled with my professional background in Adult Education, Curriculum Design and Facilitation.


I live and work in Calgary and have been working as a Wellness Educator with schools since May 2016. 

At first, my primary focus was working with students, but very quickly was asked to also offer the

workshop for teachers and school staff. From there, I adapted the workshop for Workplace and 

Employee Wellness.  The techniques and concepts we explore can work for anyone of any age in

any industry ... a 12 year old student, a 30 year old teacher, a 47 year old corporate professional or 

an 80 year old retiree.  


I am excited to share what I know ...  all in the spirit of helping people of all ages across all walks of life develop healthy habits for their physical and emotional well - being.



DISCLAIMER: This workshop and it's contents are designed for informational purposes only.  The workshop and

the facilitator do not render or purport to render psychological advice or professional services.  The information provided in this workshop should not be used for the purposes of diagnosing or treating any psychological or other health condition. If you have or suspect a psychological or other health problem, always consult a mental health professional and/or physician.  The author expressly disclaims all liability for the use of these materials and for any claims, actions, demands or suits arising from such use.  


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