"Success in school depends on a student’s  ability to somehow decrease their stress.  The inclusion of stress management  techniques into the curriculum is an  obvious application of neuroscience to  education that can improve learning,  emotional well-being and physical health.”

 Cozolino, L (2013). The social of Neuroscience Education:        Optimizing Attachment and Learning in the Classroom.WW Norton

Some psychologists believe that today’s children are faced with more stress than previous generations and have fewer social supports available. (1)  This is supported by a report made by Global News in Sept 2015 where they disclosed that some Calgary students are reporting levels of stress two thirds higher than the Canadian norms.


As a result, school communities and youth organizations are putting an increased focus on the importance of mental health and teaching children and youth strategies to cope with feelings such as overwhelm, nervousness, anxiety and worry ... or as the students say, when they  are "stressed out". This can have a tremendous impact on a student's success and enjoyment of school because a stressed out brain can't learn!


I'm here to help you support your school!




1. Pfizer. http://www.morethanmedication.ca



Upbeat, interactive workshops and presentations that directly support Alberta Education's

Health & Life Skills curriculum by introducing students to techniques that can help them 

self - regulate when feeling overwhelmed, worried, nervous or stressed out.

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Programs available for Grades K - 12 Students, Teachers & School Staff

                - Classroom Workshops                                             - Mixed Grade Workshops  

                - School Assembly Presentations                              - Parent & Student Workshops  

                - PD Day Workshops for Teacher Wellness             










I customize your workshop or presentation based on your needs, topics of interest and time parameters. Topics can include: The Thinking & Feeling Connection, Stress Busting Breathing Techniques, Stress Releasing Acupressure Points and How tapping your body's energy points (using the Emotional Freedom Technique) can work for you. All workshops directly support the Health & Life Skills and CALM Curriculum and builds on current content.  Click here to request a chart that outlines the specific Alberta Curriculum connections.


Some examples of workshops I have done in the past include: (please note: this is not a comprehensive list)


Connect to your Calm - Learn 15 Techniques

Learn 15 simple tools to help deal with stress.  This comprehensive workshop teaches students a variety of things they can do when they are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or stressed out at school or at home. 

- For Grades 5 and up

- Students will receive a workbook and teachers will be sent follow up activities to review & reinforce what they learned.


Connect to your Calm - Just Breathe

- For Grades Kdg and up

- 30-40 minute workshop

- Learn why deep breathing is important, how it works and practice atleast 4 different techniques.

- Depending on the grade, each student will receive a craft or a handout.



Connect to your Calm - For Teacher & School Staff Wellness

Overwhelmed by ever growing to - do lists or giant stacks of marking (or both)?  Having trouble falling asleep at night? Learn simple and effective ways to create moments of calm so that life doesn't feel so overwhelming.  Best thing is some of these techniques you can use with your students as well. A calm learning environment equals an effective learning environment ... let's make it happen!

- Great session for Professional Development Days

- Time is spent exploring how to incorporate some of the techniques into the classroom.

-  3 hour workshop                                                                                                                                                                

 All particpants recieve a workbook and access to my newsletter.


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