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"Do you feel like your students could use some techniques and strategies to connect to their inner calm that are fun to execute, age-appropriate and a perfect tool for exams and PATs? This is an amazing workshop and you might just end up using some of the techniques yourself! Highly recommendable." Grade 6 teacher - CCSD

"Awesome Workshop!  Ties into the content I teach in Grades 7 - 9.  Teaches students that they can take control of their emotions, thoughts and feelings rather than be a vicitm to them.  Cher has a great understanding of the audience.  The delivery and content was appropriate for all students." Counsellor - CCSD


"I know I benefitted from it and I think other students will too. It really pulled together the meaning of stress and let us see our negativity from a different perspective and how it’s just a feeling we feel. And, not necessarily a bad one. She showed that we all feel this and it’s just an emotion we can overcome so we can continue to thrive in our everyday lives. I would recommend her program to anyone who feels this way.” Grade 7 student - CCSD

"When Mme. Cher came I thought it would be another boring presentation, but it turned out to be really fun. I learned a lot from the

3 day activity. If only I had known this before, life could have been easier during tests, doctor's appointments, trying new things or anytime you are feeling scared, nervous or anxious. I recommend this to everybody because it's quick and easy to use."

Grade 7 student - CCSD

"Connect to your Calm is an excellent program. The content is informative and allows students to try and test different techniques that will help them feel better in stressful situations. Cher did can excellent job of keeping students involved and interested." 

Grade 7 teacher - CCSD

"Stress is a part of a teen's life. Sometimes you need to take a minute to stop and breathe. Even though stress is necessary to live, you don't need to overwhelm yourself in it. Just like I learned in the program you need to move on because staying worried isn't going to solve anything.  Get up and do something.Grade 7 student - CCSD

"The Connect to your Calm presentation was a very helpful learning experience.  My favourite part would have to be the acupressure techniques.  I find these techniques work great before a test or even an important sports game.  Now after what Cher has showed me about all the different ways to help with my stress I feel much more confident going into stressful situations."

Grade 6 student - CCSD

"I can see anxiety and stress in my students more than I ever have. The techniques and strategies viewed, taught and modelled are excellent. Practicing them all together was meaningful. Students are even using them after the sessions were delivered.Grade 6 teacher - CCSD


"Mme Cher's Connect to your Calm program was very informative and has strategies that work and more than one! Seeing as we are all different, she found multiple strategies that can help everyone." Grade 5 student - CCSD

"The Connect to your Calm presentations were very cool to me. I learned many things. I've never thought about any of this, for example, noticing your thoughts or never even knew there was such a thing called acupressure. I think this is an interesting topic to learn about." Grade 5 student - CCSD

"We thought that the presentation was helpful and we have already used our favourite techniques in our every day life. These strategies have helped us in tests and quizzes. Thank you so much for teaching us how to Connect to our Calm.

Two Grade 6 students - CCSD

"Connect to your Calm is a valuable program that provides students with several practical strategies to manage stress.  Students were engaged and had several opportunities to practice all of the strategies learned." Counsellor - CCSD


“I can already see myself using many of these techniques in the future. Thank you so much!”    Grade 8 student – CCSD

"Wow - everyone should know this stuff." Palliser District Teachers Convention Conference Attendee

“Cher was extremely down-to-earth, but at the same time, maintained a sense of professionalism that is quite unique and refreshing. You can tell by how she discusses mental health that she really cares about others and strongly believes in the topics she speaks about. I would recommend Cher for any company encouraging their employees to find innovative ways of dealing with stress in a positive way. The sessions provided an eye opening experience, not only for our employees, but for myself as well. Cher’s perspective on the importance of handling stress, encouraged me to work with new and unique coping strategies. These included many different breathing and acupressure techniques, and now I feel that I have better coping skills to help me look at stress in a different way. I would gladly welcome Cher back when we look to future Healthy Workplace sessions."  Justin Loranger, Healthy Workplace Coordinator, City of Calgary

"I absolutely loved everything about this session and can say with confidence I will be using these techniques and passing them onto my team to help them cope with covid and any other stressors that continue to arise in the workplace. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." City of Calgary, Lunch & Learn Attendee

"The session was very well done, very engaging for a virtual session. The instructor was a pro and made the topic interesting by sharing her own struggles with the issue. Very relatable." City of Calgary, Lunch & Learn Attendee


"The Connect to your Calm workshop was a very well prepared and engaging session for our staff. Cher provided a focused presentation which provided our staff with knowledge and tools to help with their own wellness but also provided different techniques which we could introduce to students.This is a great wellness workshop that I wouldn't hesitate to book again."

Assistant Principal - Calgary Catholic School District


"A very practical and engaging session that would be useful anyone of any age in any profession.  Lead with empathy and vulnerability." Helena Dunsmoor, Calgary City Teachers Convention Conference Attendee

"Cher is delightful, down to earth and real.  Every human needs to be exposed to this valuable information." Jill McEwan, Calgary Catholic School District Conference Attendee

"Cher gives very clear and logical explanations and provided practical exercises you can apply right away.  It was a relieving, well done and packed workshop. I loved it. " Fernanda Feltes, Calgary City Teachers Convention Conference Attendee

“This workshop gave me hands on methods that I can use right away." A.Grebinski, Educational Assistant, St. Martin de Porres


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