The reports are startling:

  • Statistics Canada reports that 1 in 4 Canadian workers describe their lives as extremely stressful with rates being even higher among well-educated white collar jobs. (1)

  • According to Canadian Policy Research Networks, stress related absences cost businesses around 3.5 billion per year. (2)

  • One poll of Candian CEO's revealed that 66% admitted that stress is now the biggest drain facing corporate Canada, and is in fact, doing more damage to productivity than anything else in the workplace. (3)


Are you surprised?  Or do you see stress and overwhelm in your employees?  Did you know (and do they know) how that stress        impacts not only their physical health but also their productivity    and the business decisions they make?  We all seem to know the "basics" - get enough sleep, eat well, exercise etc but what do you    do in the middle of your workday when you are feeling stressed out, frustrated or overwhelmed?


That's where I can help!


I am here to help you support wellness in your workplace by offering simple, effective tools that can be used at work the moment someone realizes they are feeling that way.  




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All sessions can be customized for your specific group and industry.



1. Statistics Canada, General Social Survey 2010

2Duxbury and Higgins 2001

3. www,mindfulnessworks.ca



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